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1st Rates

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British First Rates


HMS Royal Prince86-9216631666
HMS Loyal London9216661667
HMS Charles (1687) St George 9616681701
HMS London9616701706
HMS St Andrew(1704) Royal Anne10016701704
HMS Prince(1692) Royal William10016701692
HMS Royal James10016711672
HMS Royal Charles(1693) Queen10016731693
HMS Royal James(1691) Victory10016751695
HMS Britannia10016821749
HMS Royal Sovereign10016851696
HMS Royal William10016921719
HMS Queen10016931715
HMS Victory(1714) Royal George

(1715) Victory

HMS Royal Sovereign10017011766
HMS Royal Anne10017041727
HMS London10017061747
HMS Royal George(1756)Royal Anne10017151767
HMS Royal William100171917901719 Establishment
HMS Britannia100171917451719 Establishment
HMS Victory100173817441733 Establishment
HMS Royal George10017561782Royal George class
HMS Britannia10017621825Royal George class
HMS Victory10017652006Victory class
HMS Royal Sovereign10017861825Royal Sovereign class
HMS Royal George10017881822Umpire class
HMS Queen Charlotte10017901800Umpire class
HMS Commerce de Marseille12017931802French prize
HMS Ville de Paris11217951845Ville de Paris class
HMS San Josef11417971849Spanish prize
HMS Salvador del Mundo11217971815Spanish prize
HMS Hibernia12018041902Hibernia class
HMS Caledonia12018081856Caledonia class
HMS Boyne10618101834Boyne class
HMS Queen Charlotte10018101859Umpire class
HMS Impregnable10418101862Impregnable class
HMS Union10618111833Boyne class
HMS Nelson12018141867Nelson class
HMS Saint Lawrence11218141832
HMS Saint Vincent12018151841Nelson class
HMS Howe12018151854Nelson class
HMS Britannia12018201855Caledonia class
HMS Trafalgar10618201860Trafalgar class
HMS Prince Regent12018231873Caledonia class
HMS Princess Charlotte11218251857Princess Charlotte class
HMS Royal George12018271856Caledonia class
HMS Royal Adelaide ex London11218281860Princess Charlotte class
HMS Neptune12018321862Saint George class
HMS Waterloo12018331866Saint George class
HMS Royal William12018331885Saint George class
HMS Algiers110--Algiers class
HMS Queen10818391858Queen class
HMS Saint George12018401859Saint George class
HMS Trafalgar12018411863Saint George class
HMS Duke of Wellington12018521863Duke of Wellington class
HMS Royal Albert12018541883Royal Albert class
HMS Marlborough12018551878Prince of Wales class
HMS Royal Sovereign12018571885Prince of Wales class
HMS Windsor Castle11018581869Prince of Wales class
HMS Frederick William11018601876Prince of Wales class
HMS Prince of Wales12018601869Prince of Wales class

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