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2nd Rates

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British Second Rates


Ship list

HMS Royal Katherine70-8216641702
HMS Royal Oak7616641667
HMS Loyal London9016661667
HMS Victory8216661691
HMS St Michael (1706) Marlborough 9816691762
HMS Vanguard9016781710
HMS Windsor Castle9016781693
HMS Duchess (1701) Princess Anne

(1702) Windsor Castle

(1705) Blenheim

HMS Sandwich9016791710
HMS Albemarle9016801704
HMS Duke (1701) Prince George 9016821701
HMS Ossory (1705) Prince 9016821711
HMS Neptune9016831710
HMS Coronation9016851691
HMS Barfleur9016971713
HMS Association9016971707
HMS Namur9016971716
HMS Triumph9016981738
HMS Prince George9017011719
HMS Saint George9017011726
HMS Royal Katherine(1706) Ramillies8617021760
HMS Albemarle9017041718
HMS Marlborough9017061725
HMS Bleinheim90170917401706 Establishment
HMS Neptune90171017241706 Establishment
HMS Ossory90171117631706 Establishment
HMS Vanguard(1728) Duke90171017331706 Establishment
HMS Sandwich90171217491706 Establishment
HMS Barfleur90171617641706 Establishment
HMS Prince George90172317551719 Establishment
HMS Union90172617491719 Establishment
HMS Namur90172917461719 Establishment
HMS Neptune90173017841719 Establishment
HMS Marlborough90173217621719 Establishment
HMS Duke90173917691733 Establishment
HMS Saint George90174017741733 Establishment
HMS Ramillies90174917601741 Establishment
HMS Prince90175017501741 Establishment
HMS Namur9017561807Namur class
HMS Union9017561788Neptune class
HMS Neptune9017571784Neptune class
HMS Sandwich9017591790Sandwich class
HMS Blenheim9017611807Sandwich class
HMS Ocean9017611791Ocean class
HMS London9017661811London class
HMS Barfleur9017681819Barfleur class
HMS Queen9017691821Queen class
HMS Prince George9017721817Barfleur class
HMS Princess Royal9017731807Barfleur class
HMS Formidable9017771813Barfleur class
HMS Duke9817771798Duke class
HMS Ville de Paris9017821782French prize
HMS Atlas9817821814Duke class
HMS Saint George9817851811Duke class
HMS Impregnable9817861799London class
HMS Glory9817881825Duke class
HMS Prince9817881837London class
HMS Windsor Castle9817901839London class
HMS Boyne9817901795Boyne class
HMS Prince of Wales9817941822Boyne class
HMS Neptune9817971813Dreadnought class
HMS Temeraire9817981813Dreadnought class
HMS Foudroyantex Superb8017981861Foudroyant class
HMS Dreadnought9818011827Dreadnought class
HMS Ocean9818051875Dreadnought class
HMS Cambridge8018151856Cambridge class
HMS Boscawen80(1817)-Boscawen class
HMS Waterloo ex Talavera

(1824) Bellerophon

8018181856Waterloo class
HMS Ganges8418211857Formidable class
HMS Asia8418241859Formidable class
HMS Vengeance8418241861Formidable class
HMS Formidable8418251869Formidable class
HMS Powerful8418261862Formidable class
HMS Clarence ex Goliath8418271864Formidable class
HMS Bombay8418281864Formidable class
HMS Calcutta8418311863Formidable class
HMS Thunderer8418311863Formidable class
HMS Monarch8418321866Formidable class
HMS Rodney9218331870Rodney class
HMS Vanguard8018351875Vanguard class
HMS Indus8018391860Indus class
HMS Nile9218391864Rodney class
HMS London9218401863Rodney class
HMS Hindostan8018411884Hindostan class
HMS Albion9018421884Albion class
{HMS Goliath]8018421870Vanguard class
HMS Superb8018421864Vanguard class
HMS Centurion8018441870Vanguard class
HMS Aboukir9018481878Albion class
HMS Mars8018481869Vanguard class
HMS Colossus8018481867Vanguard class
HMS Meeanee ex Madras9018481867Vanguard class
HMS Exmouth9018541877Albion class
HMS Saint Jean d'Arcre90(1844)-Albion class
HMS Hannibal90(1839)-Albion class
HMS Sans Pareil8018511867San Pareil class
HMS Princess Royalex Prince Albert 9018531872Princess Royal class
HMS Algiers9018541870Algiers class
HMS Caesar ex Algiers ex Ceasar9018531870Ceasar class
HMS Cressy8018531867Cressy class
HMS Hannibal9018541874Hannibal class
HMS Orion8018541867Orion class
HMS Brunswick8018551867Brunswick class
HMS Irresistible8018591894Vanguard class
HMS Hood8018591888Orion class

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