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3rd Rates

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British Third Rates


Ship list



HMS House de Swyteex Huis te Swieten (Dutch)7016651667Prize
HMS Golden Phoenixex Vergulde Fenix (Dutch)7016651667Prize
HMS Slothanyex Slot van Honingen (Dutch)6016651667Prize
HMS Helverstonex Hilversum (Dutch)6016651667
HMS French Ruby66-7616661682
HMS Cambridge7016661694
HMS Warspite7016661702
HMS Defiance6616661668
HMS Rupert6616661703
HMS Resolution7016671698
HMS Monmouth6616671700
HMS Edgar7216681700
HMS Swiftsure7016731696
HMS Royal Oak7416741690
HMS Arms of Rotterdamex Wapen van Rotterdam (Dutch)6016741675Prize
HMS Defiance6416751695
HMS Anne7016781690
HMS Captain7016781708
HMS Hampton Court7016781701
HMS Hope7016781695
HMS Lenox7016781701
HMS Restoration7016781702
HMS Berwick7016791700
HMS Bredah7016791699
HMS Burford7016791699
HMS Eagle7016791699
HMS Elizabeth7016791704
HMS Essex7016791700
HMS Expedition7016791699
HMS Grafton7016791700
HMS Kent7016791699
HMS Northumberland7016791702
HMS Pendennis7016791689
HMS Stirling Castle7016791699
HMS Exeter7016801691
HMS Suffolk7016801699
HMS Royal Oak7416901710
HMS Yarmouth7016911707
HMS Devonshire8016921701
HMS Boyne8016921708
HMS Russell8016921707
HMS Cornwall8016921704
HMS Bredah7016921730
HMS Torbay8016931749
HMS Humber8016931707
HMS Norfolk8016931718
HMS Sussex8016931694
HMS Lancaster8016941710
HMS Ipswich7016941727
HMS Dorsetshire8016941706
HMS Cumberland8016951707
HMS Chichester8016951705
HMS Cambridge8016951713
HMS Content Prize ex Content (French)7016951702Prize
HMS Newark8016951713
HMS Shrewsbury8016951711
HMS Swiftsure7016961716
HMS Ranelagh8016971723
HMS Somerset8016981715
HMS Orford7016981709
HMS Nassau7016981706
HMS Bedford7016981736
HMS Burford7016981719
HMS Kent7016981722
HMS Resolution7016981703
HMS Suffolk7016991735
HMS Eagle7016991707
HMS Expedition7016991709
HMS Stirling Castle7016991703
HMS Revenge7016991727
HMS Kent7016991722
HMS Berwick7017001715
HMS Edgar7017001708
HMS Essex7017001736
HMS Grafton7017001707
HMS Hampton Court7017011707
HMS Lennox7017011721
HMS Northumberland7017021703
HMS Restoration7017021703
HMS Prompt ex Prompt (French)8017021703Prize
HMS Assurance ex Assure (French)7017021712Prize
HMS Firmeex Ferme (French)7017021713Prize
HMS Warspite7017031716
HMS Elizabeth7017041704
HMS Devonshire8017041707
HMS Stirling Castle7017051720
HMS Northumberland7017051719
HMS Resolution7017051707
HMS Restoration7017061711
HMS Elizabeth7017061732
HMS Cornwall8017061722
HMS Chichester8017061749
HMS Nassau701707173670s class 1706 Establishment
HMS Boyne801708173280s class 1706 Establishment
HMS Captain701708172270s class 1706 Establishment
HMS Humber801708172380s class 1706 Establishment
HMS Resolution701708171170s class 1706 Establishment
HMS Yarmouth701709174070s class 1706 Establishment
HMS Grafton701709172270s class 1706 Establishment
HMS Edgar701709171170s class 1706 Establishment
HMS Hampton Court701709174170s class 1706 Establishment
HMS Russell801709172680s class 1706 Establishment
HMS Cumberland801710173280s class 1706 Establishment
HMS Devonshire801710174080s class 1706 Establishment
HMS Superbe ex Superbe (French)6417101733Prize
HMS Dorsetshire801712174980s class 1706 Establishment
HMS Shrewsbury801713174980s class 1706 Establishment
HMS Orford701713172770s class 1706 Establishment
HMS Royal Oak7017131737 70s class 1706 Establishment
HMS Expedition7017141736 70s class 1706 Establishment
HMS Cambridge801715174980s class 1706 Establishment
HMS Newark801717174180s class 1706 Establishment
HMS Torbay801719175080s class 1706 Establishment
HMS Edinburgh701721174270s class 1719 Establishment
HMS Northumberland701721173970s class 1719 Establishment
HMS Burford701722175270s class 1719 Establishment
HMS Captain701722173970s class 1719 Establishment
HMS Lancaster801722174380s class 1719 Establishment
HMS Lennox701723175670s class 1719 Establishment
HMS Berwick701723174370s class 1719 Establishment
HMS Humber801723175280s class 1719 Establishment
HMS Stirling Castle701723173970s class 1719 Establishment
HMS Kent701724174470s class 1719 Establishment
HMS Grafton701725174470s class 1719 Establishment
HMS Cornwall801726175580s class 1719 Establishment
HMS Norfolk801728175780s class 1719 Establishment
HMS Ipswich701730175770s class 1719 Establishment
HMS Buckingham701731174570s class 1719 Establishment
HMS Princess Caroline801731175580s class 1719 Establishment
HMS Somerset801731174680s class 1719 Establishment
HMS Prince of Orangeex Bredah701734177270s class 1719 Establishment
HMS Russell801735176180s class 1719 Establishment
HMS Elizabeth701737176670s class 1733 Establishment
HMS Boyne801739176380s class 1733 Establishment
HMS Cumberland801739176080s class 1733 Establishment
HMS Suffolk701740176570s class 1733 Establishment
HMS Nassau701740177070s class 1733 Establishment
HMS Prince Frederick701740176470s class 1733 Establishment
HMS Princesaex Princesa (Spanish)7017401761Prize
HMS Essex701741175970s class 1733 Establishment
HMS Hampton Court701743177470s class 1741 Establishment
HMS Bedford701741176770s class 1733 Establishment
HMS Royal Oak701741176470s class 1733 Establishment
HMS Galiciaex Galicia (Spanish)7017411741Prize
HMS Revenge701742178770s class 1733 Establishment
HMS Sterling Castle701742176270s class 1733 Establishment
HMS Monmouth701742176770s class 1733 Establishment
HMS Northumberland701743174470s class 1741 Establishment
HMS Berwick701743176070s class 1733 Establishment
HMS Captain701743177770s class 1733 Establishment
HMS Edinburgh701744177170s class 1741 Establishment
HMS Devonshire801745177280s class 1741 Establishment
HMS Yarmouth7017451781Yarmouth class
HMS Kent701746175770s class 1741 Establishment
HMS Mars ex Mars (French)6417461755Prize
HMS Newark801747178780s class 1741 Establishment
HMS Culloden7417471770Culloden (1) class
HMS Gloriosoex Glorioso (Spanish)7417471749Prize
HMS Yarmouth6417481781Yarmouth class
HMS Invincibleex Invincible (French)7417471758Prize
HMS Monarch ex Monarque (French)7417471760Prize
HMS Terrible ex Terrible (French)7417471763Prize
HMS Intrepidex Serieux (French) 6417471765Prize
HMS Fougeauxex Fougeux (French) 6417471759Prize
HMS Trident ex Trident (French) 6417471763Prize
HMS Somerset681748177868s class 1745 Establishment
HMS Lancaster661749177380s class 1741 Establishment
HMS Vanguard701748177468s class 1745 Establishment
HMS Magnanimeex Magnanime (French)7417481775Prize
HMS Orford681749177768s class 1745 Establishment
HMS Swiftsure681750177368s class 1745 Establishment
HMS Northumberland681750177768s class 1745 Establishment
HMS Grafton681750176768s class 1745 Establishment
HMS Buckingham681751177768s class 1745 Establishment
HMS Chichester6817531779Chichester class
HMS Cambridge8017551790Cambridge class
HMS Alcideex Alcide (French)6417551772Prize
HMS Lysex Lys (French)6417551755Prize
HMS Burford7017571785Burford class
HMS Dorsetshire7017571768Burford class
HMS Dublin7417571784Dublin class
HMS Norfolkex Princess Amelia 7417571774Dublin class
HMS Princess Amelia ex Norfolk 8017571788Princess Amelia class
HMS Duke of Aquiitaine ex Duc de Aquitaine (French)6417571761Prize
HMS Lennox7417581778Dublin class
HMS Shrewsbury7417581783Dublin class
HMS Warspite7417581778Dublin class
HMS Resolution7417581759Dublin class
HMS Mars7417581778Dublin class
HMS Foudroyantex Foudroyant (French)8017581787Prize
HMS Conqueror6817581760Temple class
HMS Temple6817581762Temple class
HMS Raisonableex Raisonable (French)6417581762Prize
HMS Bienfaisantex Bienfaisant (French)6417581783Prize
HMS Belliqueuxex Belliqueux (French)6417581772Prize
HMS Valiant7417591799Valiant class
HMS Fame7417591799Fame class
HMS Hercules7417591784Hercules class
HMS Hero7417591787Hero class
HMS Formidableex Formidable (French) 8017591768Prize
HMS Modesteex Modeste (French)6417591800Prize
HMS Centaur ex Centaure (French)7417591782Prize
HMS Temeraire ex Temeraire (French)7417591784Prize
HMS Bellona7417601814Bellona class
HMS Dragon7417601769Bellona class
HMS Superb7417601783Bellona class
HMS Thunderer7417601780Hercules class
HMS Essex6417601777Asia class
HMS Belleisleex Bertin (French)6417611784Prize
HMS Saint Ann ex Sainte Anne (French)6417611775Prize
HMS Africa6417611777Asia class
HMS Cornwall7417611780Arrogant class
HMS Arrogant7417611806Arrogant class
HMS Courageuxex Courageux (French) 7417611796Prize
HMS Oriflammeex Oriflamme (French)6017611761Prize
HMS Kent7417621784Arrogant class
HMS Terrible7417621781Monarch class
HMS Infanta ex Infante (Spanish)741762!775Prize
HMS Moro ex Aquilon (Spanish)6817621770Prize
HMS Reyna ex Reina (Spanish)7017621775Prize
HMS Soverano ex Soberano (Spanish)7017621770Prize
HMS Tiger ex Tigre (Spanish)7017621780Prize
HMS Saint Antonio ex San Antonio (Spanish)6417621775Prize
HMS San Genaroex San Genaro (Spanish)6017621763Prize
HMS Ramillies7417631782Monarch class
HMS Albion7417631794Albion class
HMS Defence7417631811Arrogant class
HMS Exeter6417631784Exeter class
HMS Augusta6417631777Saint Albans class
HMS Saint Albans6417641803Saint Albans class
HMS Ardent6417641784Ardent class
HMS Asia6417641804Asia class
HMS Russell7417641811Monarch class
HMS Robust7417641802Monarch class
HMS Triumph7417641813Valiant class
HMS Invincible7417651801Monarch class
HMS Europa6417651796Exeter class
HMS Monarch7417651813Monarch class
HMS Prince of Walesex Hibernia 7417651783Monarch class
HMS Suffolk7417651803Suffolk class
HMS Canada7417651810Canada class
HMS Boyne7017661783Burford class
HMS Marlborough7417671800Monarch class
HMS Magnificent7417671804Monarch class
HMS Ajax7417671785Suffolk class
HMS Raisonnable6417681810Ardent class
HMS Trident6417681808Exeter class
HMS Prudent6417681794Exeter class
HMS Egmont7417681799Egmont class
HMS Worcester6417691788Worcester class
HMS Royal Oak7417691796Royal Oak class
HMS Elizabeth7417691797Elizabeth class
HMS Resolution7417701813Elizabeth class
HMS Intrepid6417701810Intrepid class
HMS Grafton7417711792Albion class
HMS Monmouth6417721818Intrepid class
HMS Defiance6417721780Intrepid class
HMS Conqueror7417731794Royal Oak class
HMS Nonsuch6417741794Intrepid class
HMS Eagle6417741812Intrepid class
HMS Cumberland7417741804Elizabeth class
HMS Hector7417741808Royal Oak class
HMS Vengeance7417741808Royal Oak class
HMS Stirling Castle6417751780Worcester class
HMS Sultan7417751797Royal Oak class
HMS Berwick7417751795Elizabeth class
HMS Bedford7417751815Royal Oak class
HMS Culloden7417751781Culloden (2) class
HMS Viligant6417761795Intrepid class
HMS Ruby6417761811Intrepid class
HMS America6417771800Intrepid class
HMS Lion6417771816Worcester class
HMS Alfred7417781814Alfred class
HMS Bulwark74(1778)-Alfred class
HMS Caesar74(1778)-Alfred class
HMS Alexander7417781805Alfred class
HMS Montague7417791818Alfred class
HMS Alcide7417791794Albion class
HMS Edgar7417791813Arrogant class
HMS Fortitude7417801795Albion class
HMS Belliqueux6417801814Ardent class
HMS Magnanime6417801813Intrepid class
HMS Repulse6417801800Intrepid class
HMS Inflexible6417801800Inflexible class
HMS Gibraltarex Fenix (Spanish)8017801813Prize
HMS Monarcaex Monarca (Spanish)7417801791Prize
HMS Princessaex Princessa (Spanish)7417801784Prize
HMS Prince Williamex Guipuscano (Spanish)6417801788Prize
HMS Diligentex Diligente (Spanish)7017801784Prize
HMS Prothee ex Prothee (French)6417801795Prize
HMS Agamemnon6417811809Ardent class
HMS Africa6417811814Inflexible class
HMS Anson6417811807Intrepid class
HMS Sceptre6417811799Inflexible class
HMS Sampson6417811808Intrepid class
HMS Goliath7417811815Arrogant class
HMS Warrior7417811818Alfred class
HMS Bombay Castleex Bombay7417821796Elizabeth class
HMS Irresistible7417821803Albion class
HMS Ganges7417821811Ganges class
HMS Crown6417821798Crown class
HMS Ardent6417821794Crown class
HMS Diadem6417821798Intrepid class
HMS Scipio6417821798Crown class
HMS Standard6417821799Intrepid class
HMS Polyphemus6417821813Intrepid class
HMS Hectorex Hector (French)7417821782Prize
HMS Glorieuxex Glorieux (French)7417821782Prize
HMS Pegaseex Pegase (French)7417821794Prize
HMS Argonautex Jason (French)6417821797Prize
HMS Solitaireex Solitaire (French)6417821786Prize
HMS Catonex Caton (French)6417821796Prize
HMS San Miguelex San Miguel (Spanish)7417821791Prize
HMS Dictator6417831798Inflexible class
HMS Powerful7417831812Elizabeth class
HMS Carnatic7417831805Leviathan class
HMS Culloden7417831813]Ganges class
HMS Defiance7417831813Elizabeth class
HMS Thunderer7417831814Culloden (2) class
HMS Venerable7417841804Culloden (2)class
HMS Tremendous7417841845Ganges class
HMS Indefatigable6417841816Ardent class
HMS Director6417841794Saint Albans class
HMS Stately6417841799Ardent class
HMS Victorious7417851803Culloden (2) class
HMS Majestic7417851813Canada class
HMS Zealous7417851816Arrogant class
HMS Ramillies7417851831Culloden(2) class
HMS Terrible7417851823Culloden (2) class
HMS Audacious7417851815Arrogant class
HMS Nassau6417851799Ardent class
HMS Hannibal7417861801Culloden (2) class
HMS Theseus7417861814Culloden (2) class
HMS Elephant7417861818Arrogant class
HMS Bellerophon7417861816Arrogant class
HMS Saturn7417861825Arrogant class
HMS Orion7417871814Canada class
HMS Swiftsure7417871818Elizabeth class
HMS Vanguard7417871812Arrogant class
HMS Colossus7417871798Leviathan class
HMS Excellent7417871825Arrogant class
HMS Captain7417871809Canada class
[HMS Veteran}7417871809Crown class
HMS Illustrious7417891795Arrogant class
HMS Leviathan7417901816Leviathan class
HMS Brunswick7417901812Brunswick class
HMS Caesar8017931814Caesar class
HMS Minotaur7417931810Leviathan class
HMS Pompeeex Pompee (French)7417931811Prize
HMS Puissantex Puissant (French)7417931796Prize
HMS Scipionex Scipion (French)7417931793Prize
HMS Mars7417941814Mars class
HMS Impetueuxex Impetueux (French)7817941813Prize
HMS Justeex Juste (French)8417941802Prize
HMS Northumberlandex Northumberland (French)7817941795Prize
HMS Sans Pareilex Sans Pareil (French)8417941810Prize
HMS Achille ex Achille (French)7817941796Prize
HMS Impetueuxex Impetueux (French)7417941794Prize
HMS Belleisle[ex Formidable (French)7417951814Prize
HMS Tigreex Tigre (French)7617951817Prize
HMS Overysselex Overijssel (Dutch)6417951805Prize
HMS Ca Iraex Ca Ira (French)8017951796Prize
HMS Censeurex Censeur (French)7417951795Prize
HMS Agincourtex EIC Earl Talbot6417961808Conversion
HMS Yorkex EIC Royal Admiral6417961804Conversion
HMS Ardentex EIC Princess Royal6417961812Conversion
HMS Monmouthex EIC Belmont6417961834Conversion
HMS Dordrechtex Dordrecht (Dutch)6417961799Prize
HMS Prince Frederickex Revolutie (Dutch)6417961797Prize
HMS Zealandex Zeeland (Dutch)6417961803Prize
HMS Centaur7417971819Mars class
HMS Lancasterex EIC Pigot6417971807Conversion
HMS San Ysidroex San Isidro (Spanish)7217971797Prize
HMS San Damaso ex San Damaso (Spanish)7017971800Prize
HMS San Nicholasex San Nicolas (Spanish)8217971800Prize
HMS Vryheidex Vrijheid (Dutch)7217971799Prize
HMS Admiral de Vriesex Admiraal Tjerk Hiddes de Vries (Dutch)6417971800Prize
HMS Camperdownex Jupiter (Dutch)6417971802Prize
HMS Delftex Hercules (Dutch)6417971802Prize
HMS Gelykheidex Gelijkheid (Dutch)6417971798Prize
HMS Haerlemex Haarlem (Dutch)6417971805Prize
HMS Wassenaar


ex Wassenaar (Dutch)6417971802Prize
HMS Kent7417981857Kent class
HMS Northumberland7417981827Northumberland class
HMS Renownex Royal Oak 7417981814Northumberland class
HMS Achille7417981865Achille class
HMS Superb7417981826Achille class
HMS Foudroyantex Foudroyant8017981820Foudroyant class
HMS Ajax7417981807Kent class
HMS Dragon7417981824Dragon class
HMS Canopusex Franklin (French)8017981863Prize
HMS Spartiateex Spartiate (French)8017981842Prize
HMS Tonnantex Tonnant (French)8017981821Prize
HMS Donegalex Hoche (French)7617981845Prize
HMS Herculeex Hercule (French)7417981810Prize
HMS Conquerantex Conquerant (French)7417981803Prize
HMS Guerierex Peuple Souverain (French)7417981798Prize
HMS Aboukirex Aquilon (French)7417981802Prize
HMS Prince of Orange

/Princess of Orange

ex Washington (Dutch)7417991806Prize
HMS Guelderland ex Gelderland (Dutch)6417991811Prize
HMS De Ruyterex Admiraal De Ruijter (Dutch)6417991801Prize
HMS Leyden ex Leyden (Dutch)6417991815Prize
HMS Texel ex Cerberus (Dutch)6417991818Prize
HMS Utrecht ex Utrecht (Dutch)6417991815Prize
HMS Princess Amelia74(1799)-?
HMS Athenianex Athenienne (French)6418001806Prize
HMS Spencer7418001822Spencer class
HMS Courageux7418001814Courageux class
HMS Maltaex Guillaume Tell (French)8418001831Prize
HMS Genereuxex Genereux (French)8018001816Prize
HMS San Antonio

/Saint Antonio

ex Saint Antoine (French)7418011801Prize
HMS Holsteinex Holstein (Danish)

(1814) Nassau

HMS Conqueror7418011822Conqueror class
HMS Plantagenet7418011817Plantagenet class
HMS Albion7418021831Fame class
HMS Sceptre7418021821Repulse class
HMS Hero7418031811Fame class
HMS Colossus7418031826Colossus class
HMS Repulse7418031820Repulse class
HMS Illustrious7418031848Fame class
HMS Duquesneex Duqusne (French)7418031805Prize
HMS Swiftsure7418041819Swiftsure class
HMS Eagle7418041857Repulse class
HMS Revenge7418051849Revenge class
HMS Fame7418051817Fame class
HMS San Rafaelex San Rafael (Spanish)8018051810Prize
HMS Implacableex Duguay Trouin (French)7618051855Prize
HMS Braveex Formidable (French)8418051808Prize
HMS Firmeex Firme (Spanish)7418051814Prize
HMS Ildefonsoex San Ildefonso (Spanish)7418051808Prize
HMS Bahama ex Bahama (Spanish)7418051807Prize
HMS San Juanex San Juan (Spanish)7418051805Prize
HMS Mont Blancex Mont Blanc (French)7418051811Prize
HMS Scipionex Scipion (French)7418051819Prize
HMS Magnificent7418061825Repulse class
[HMS Augusta (?)]74(1806)-?
HMS Maidaex Jupiter (French)7418061814Prize
HMS Marengoex Marengo (French)8018061806Prize
HMS Alexandreex Alexandre (French)8018061808Prize
HMS Elizabeth7418071820Repulse class
HMS Valiant7418071823Repulse class
HMS Warspite7418071840Colossus class
HMS Marlborough7418071835Fame class
HMS Sultan7418071860Fame class
HMS Aboukir7418071824Leviathan class
HMS Cumberland7418071830Repulse class
HMS Bulwarkex Scipio7418071826Bulwark class
HMS York7418071819Fame class
HMS Christian VIIex Blenheim

ex Christian VI (Danish)

HMS Waldemarex Yarmouth

ex Waldemar (Danish)

HMS Dannemark


ex Marathon

ex Danmark (Danish)

HMS Fyenex Fyen (Danish)7418071809Prize
HMS Heir Apparent Frederich ex Conrwall

ex Arveprinsen Frederik (Danish)

(1815) Arve Princen

HMS Justitiaex Oxford

ex Justitia (Danish)

HMS Kron Princenex Norfolk

ex Kronprinds Frederik (Danish)

HMS Kron Princessenex Torbay

ex Kronprindsessesn MArie (Danish)

HMS Norgeex Nonsuch ex

Norge (Danish)

HMS Odinex Odin (Danish)7418071811Prize
HMS Princess Carolinaex Braganza

ex Prindsesse Carolina (Danish)

HMS Princess Sophia Fredericaex Cambridge

ex Prindsesse Sophie Frederica (Danish)

HMS Skioldex Somerset

ex Skiold

HMS Tre Kronenex Medway ex Tre Kroner (Danish)7418071807Prize
HMS Syerenex Behemoth ex Seijeren (Danish)6418071815Prize
HMS Akbar74(1807)-Armada class
HMS Victorious7418081826Swiftsure class
HMS Blakeex Bombay 7418081814Blake class
HMS Bombay7418081828Leviathan class
HMS Venerable7418081825Repulse class
HMS Invincible7418081857Ganges class
HMS Ajax7418091856Armada class
HMS Berwick7418091821Armada class
HMS Rodney (1827) Greenwich 7418091827Armada class
HMS Royal Oak7418091825Fame class
HMS Milford7418091825Milford class
HMS Sandwich74(1809)-Milford class
HMS Poictiers7418091857Armada class
HMS Saint Domingo7418091816Blake class
HMS Abercrombieex D'Hautpoult (French)7418091817Prize
HMS unnamed74(1809)-Armada class
HMS America7418101863Armada class
HMS Minden7418101842Ganges class
HMS Hannibal7418101825Fame class
HMS Cressy7418101832Armada class
HMS Vengeur7418101827Armada class
HMS Conquestadore7418101856Armada class
HMS Egmont7418101862Armada class
HMS Vigo7418101827Armada class
HMS Armada7418101862Armada class
HMS Julius?74(1810)-?
HMS Barham7418111840Armada class
HMS Duncan7418111826Armada class
HMS Hogue7418111856Armada class
HMS Asia(1819) Alfred 7418111828Armada class
HMS Stirling Castle7418111839Armada class
HMS Edinburgh7418111852Armada class
HMS Clarence(1827) Centurion]7418121827Armada class
HMS Scarborough7418121836Armada class
HMS Mulgrave7418121836Armada class
HMS Anson7418121831Armada class

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