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4th Rates

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British Fourth Rates


Ship list


HMS Princess52-5416601680
HMS Seven Oaksex Zevewolden (Dutch)5216651666Prize
HMS Clove Treeex Nagelboom (Dutch)5216651666Prize
HMS Charles Vex Carolus V (Dutch)5216651667Prize
HMS Guilder de Ruyterex Geldersche Ruiter (Dutch)5016651667Prize
HMS West Friezlandex Westvriesland (Dutch)5416651667Prize
HMS Maria Sancta5016651667Prize
HMS Mars5016651667Prize
HMS Hope ex Hoop (Dutch)4416651666Prize
HMS Golden Lion ex Goude Leeuw (Dutch)4216651668Prize
HMS Zealand ex Wapen van Zeeland (Dutch)4216651667Prize
HMS Black Spread Eagle ex Groningen (Dutch)4416651666Prize
HMS St Paul ex St Paulus (Dutch)4816651666Prize
HMS Delfe ex Delft (Dutch)4816651668Prize
HMS Unity ex Eendracht (Dutch)4216651667Prize
HMS Young Prince ex Jonge Prins (Dutch)3816651666Prize
HMS Black Bull ex Wapen van Edam (Dutch)3616651666Prize
HMS Greenwich5416661699
HMS St Patrick4816661667
HMS Constant Warwick4216661691
HMS St David5416671690
HMS Stathouse van Harlem4616671669Prize
HMS Stavoreen4816721682Prize
HMS Arms of Terver5216731674Prize
HMS Oxford5416741702
HMS Woolwich5416751702
HMS Kingfisher4616751699
HMS Charles galley3216761693
HMS James galley3216761694
HMS Marigold4416771679
HMS Tiger prize4816781696Prize
HMS Tiger4616811702
HMS Golden Horse4616811688Prize
HMS Two Lions4416821688Prize
HMS Bonaventure4816831699
HMS Mordaunt4616831693
HMS Saint Albans5016871693
HMS Deptford5016871700
HMS Sedgemore5016871689
HMS Mary Galley5016871708
HMS Centurion5016901729
HMS Dragon4816901707
HMS Chester5016911707
HMS Chatham5016911718
HMS Norwich4816911692
HMS Rochester4816921714
HMS Rochester4816921714
HMS Portland4816931719
HMS Falmouth4816931704
HMS Southampton4816931699
HMS Bristol5016931709
HMS Dartmouth(1702) Vigo4816931703
HMS Severn5016931734
HMS Norwich4816931712
HMS Weymouth4816931717
HMS Anglesea4816941719
HMS Colchester5016941704
HMS Coventry501694




HMS Romney


HMS Litchfield5016941720
HMS Lincoln4816951703
HMS Burlington5016951733

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