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British Cruisers

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HMS Immortalitescrew frigatePembroke DYd18601883Immortalite class
HMS Bristolscrew frigateWoolwich DYd18631883Immortalite class
HMS Glasgowscrew frigateWoolwich DYd18701884Immortalite class
HMS Newcastlescrew frigateDeptford DYd1874(1929)Immortalite class
HMS Undauntedscrew firgateChatham DYdaft 18611883Immortalite class
HMS Arethusascrew frigatePembroke DYd1861(1934)converted from sail
HMS Constancescrew frigatePembroke DYd18621875converted from sail
HMS Octaviascrew frigatePembroke DYd18611876converted from sail
HMS Sutlejscrew frigatePembroke DYd18601869converted from sail
HMS Aurorascrew frigatePembroke Dyd18631881
HMS Narcissusscrew frigateDevonport DYd18601883
HMS Endymionscrew frigateDeptford DYd18661885
HMS Inconstantunarmoured frigatePembroke DYd1869(1956)
HMS Raleighunarmoured frigateChatham DYd1874(1905)
HMS Shahunarmoured frigatePortsmouth DYd1876(1929)
HMS Jasonscrew corvetteDevonport DYd18601877Jason class
HMS Barossascrew corvetteWoolwich DYd18621877Jason class
HMS Orestesscrew corvetteSheerness DYd18611866Jason class
HMS Orpheusscrew corvetteChatham DYd18611863Jason class
HMS Rattlesnakescrew corvetteChatham DYd18621880Jason class
HMS Wolverinescrew corvetteWoolwich DYd1864(1905)Jason class
HMS Junoscrew corvetteDeptford DYd18681887Juno class
HMS Thaliascrew corvetteWoolwich DYd1870(1920)Juno class
HMS Eclipsescrew corvetteSheerness DYd1868(1921)Eclipse class
HMS Blanchescrew corvetteChatham DYd18681886Eclipse class
HMS Danaescrew corvettePortsmouth DYd1868(1906)Eclipse class
HMS Didoscrew corvettePortsmouth DYd1871(1922)Eclipse class
HMS Siriusscrew corvettePortsmouth Dyd18691885Eclipse class
HMS Spartanscrew corvetteDeptford Dyd18711882Eclipse class
HMS Tenedosscrew corvetteDevonport DYd18721887Eclipse class
HMS Britonscrew corvetteSheerness DYd18711887Briton class
HMS Druidscrew corvetteDeptford DYd18721886Briton class
HMS Thetisscrew corvetteDevonport DYd18731887Briton class
HMS Volagescrew corvetteThames SB Co1870(1904)Volage class
HMS Activescrew corvetteThames SB Co1870(1906)Volage class
HMS Roverscrew corvetteThames SB Co18751893Volage class
HMS Amethystscrew corvetteDevonport DYd18731887Amethyst class
HMS Diamondscrew corvetteSheerness DYd18751889Amethyst class
HMS Encounterscrew corvetteSheerness DYd18731888Amethyst class
HMS Modestescrew corvetteDevonport DYd18741888Amethyst class
HMS Sapphirescrew corvetteDevonport DYd18751892Amethyst class
HMS Emeraldscrew corvettePembroke DYd1878(1906)Emerald class
HMS Garnetscrew corvetteChatham DYd1878(1904)Emerald class
HMS Opalscrew corvetteDoxford, Sunderland1876(1892)Emerald class
HMS Rubyscrew corvetteEarle, Hull1877(1921)Emerald class
HMS Tourmalinescrew corvetteRaylton, Dixon1876(1920)Emerald class
HMS Turquoisescrew corvetteEarle, Hull18771892Emerald class
HMS Bacchantescrew corvettePortsmouth DYd18781897Bacchante class
HMS Boadiceascrew corvettePortsmouth DYd1877(1905)Bacchante class
HMS Euryalusscrew corvetteChatham DYd18781897Bacchante class
HMS Comusscrew corvetteElder, Glasgow1878(1904)Comus class
HMS Carysfortscrew corvetteElder, Glasgow18791899Comus class
HMS Championscrew corvetteElder, GLasgow1878(1931)Comus class
HMS Cleopatrascrew corvetteElder, Glasgow1878(1931)Comus class
HMS Conquestscrew corvetteElder, Glasgow18791899Comus class
HMS Curacoascrew corvetteElder, Glasgow18781904Comus class
HMS Constancescrew corvetteChatham DYd18801899Comus class
HMS Canadascrew corvettePortsmouth DYd18811897Comus class
HMS Cordeliascrew corvettePortsmouth Dyd18811904Comus class
HMS Satellitescrew corvetteSheerness DYd18821904Satellite class
HMS Carolinescrew corvetteSheerness DYd1885(1929)Satellite class
HMS Heroinescrew corvetteDevonport DYd18831902Satellite class
HMS Hyacinthscrew corvetteDevonport DYd18831902Satellite class
HMS Rapidscrew corvetteDevonport DYd1884(1948)Satellite class
HMS Pyladesscrew corvetteSheerness DYd18861906Satellite class
HMS Royalistscrew corvetteDevonport DYd1884(1923)Satellite class
HMS Calypsoscrew corvetteChatham DYd1883(1922)Calypso class
HMS Calliopescrew corvettePortsmouth DYd1884(1951)Calypso class
HMS Cameleonscrew sloopDeptford DYd18601883Cameleon class
HMS Chanticleerscrew sloopPortsmouth DYd18611878Cameleon class
HMS Pelicanscrew sloopPembroke DYd18601867Cameleon class
HMS Reindeerscrew sloopChatham DYd18661876Cameleon class
HMS Rinaldoscrew sloopPortsmouth DYd18601884Cameleon class
HMS Rattlerscrew sloopDeptford DYd18621868Cameleon class
HMS Perseusscrew sloopPembroke DYd1861(1931)Cameleon class
HMS Zebrascrew sloopDeptford DYd18601873Cameleon class
HMS Rosarioscrew sloopDeptford DYd18601882Rosario class
HMS Rapidscrew sloopDeptford DYd18601881Rosario class
HMS Royalistscrew sloopDevonport DYd18611875Rosario class
HMS Peterelscrew sloopDevonport DYd1860(1901)Rosario class
HMS Shearwaterscrew sloopPembroke DYd18611877Rosario class
HMS Columbinescrew sloopDeptford Dyd18621875Rosario class
HMS Africascrew sloopDevonport DYd18621862Rosario class
HMS Amazonscrew sloopPembroke DYd18651866Amazon class
HMS Daphnescrew sloopPembroke DYd18661882Amazon class
HMS Dryadscrew sloopDevonport DYd18661885Amazon class
HMS Niobescrew sloopDeptford DYd18661874Amazon class
HMS Nymphescrew sloopDeptford DYd18661882Amazon class
HMS Vestalscrew sloopPembroke DYd18651884Amazon class
HMS Fantomescrew sloopPembroke DYd18731889Fantome class
HMS Albatrossscrew sloopChatham DYd18741889Fantome class
HMS Daringscrew sloopWigram, Blackwall18741889Fantome class
HMS Egeriascrew sloopPembroke DYd1874(1911)Fantome class
HMS Flying Fishscrew sloopChatham DYd18741888Fantome class
HMS Sapphoscrew sloopWigram,Blackwall18741887Fantome class
HMS Ospreyscrew sloopSheerness DYd18761890Osprey class
HMS Cormorantscrew sloopChatham DYd1877(1949)Osprey class
HMS Pelicanscrew sloopDevonport DYd1877(1901)Osprey class
HMS Wild Swanscrew sloopNapier, Glasgow1876(1920)Osprey class
HMS Penguinscrew sloopNapier, Glasgow1876(1924)Osprey class
HMS Doterelscrew sloopChatham DYd18801881Doterel class
HMS Dragonscrew sloopDevonport DYd18781892Doterel class
HMS Espeiglescrew sloopDevonport DYd1880(1921)Doterel class
HMS Gannetscrew sloopSheerness DYd1878(preserved)Doterel class
HMS Kingfisherscrew sloopSheerness DYd1879(1919)Doterel class
HMS Mirandascrew sloopDevonport DYd18791892Doterel class
HMS Mutinescrew sloopDevonport DYd1880(1921)Doterel class
HMS Pegasusscrew sloopDevonport DYd18781892Doterel class
HMS Phoenixscrew sloopDevonport DYd18791882Doterel class
HMS Dolphinscrew sloopRaylton, Dixon18821907Doterel class
HMS Wandererscrew sloopRaylton Dixon18831907Doterel class
HMS Marinerscrew sloopDevonport DYd1884(1929)Mariner class
HMS Acornscrew sloopMilford Haven SB18841889Mariner class
HMS Icarusscrew sloopDevonport DYd18851903Mariner class
HMS Melitascrew sloopMalta DYd1888(1920)Mariner class
HMS Racerscrew sloopDevonport DYd1884(1928)Mariner class
HMS Reindeerscrew sloopDevonport DYd1883(1924)Mariner class
HMS Nymphescrew sloopPortsmouth DYd1889(1920)Nymphe class
HMS Buzzardscrew sloopSheerness DYd1888(1921)Nymphe class
HMS Daphnescrew sloopSheerness DYd18891904Nymphe class
HMS Swallowscrew sloopSheerness DYd18861904Nymphe class
HMS Beaglescrew sloopPortsmouh DYd18891905Beagle class
HMS Basiliskscrew sloopSheerness DYd18891905Beagle class
HMS Alertscrew sloopSheerness DYd1895(1926)Alert class
HMS Torchscrew sloopSheerness DYd1895(1920)Alert class
HMS Phoenixscrew sloopDevonport DYd18961906Phoenix class
HMS Algerinescrew sloopDevonport DYd18961919Phoenix class
HMS Condorscrew sloopSheerness DYd18981901Condor class
HMS Mutinescrew sloopLaird, Birkenhead1900(1932)Condor class
HMS Rinaldoscrew sloopLaird, Birkenhead19001921Condor class
HMS Rosarioscrew sloopSheerness DYd18981921Condor class
HMS Shearwaterscrew sloopSheerness DYd19001922Condor class
HMS Vestalscrew sloopSheerness DYd19001921Condor class
HMS Cadmusscrew sloopSheerness DYd19041921Cadmus class
HMS Clioscrew sloopSheerness DYd19041920Cadmus class
HMS Espieglescrew sloopSheerness DYd19021923Cadmus class
HMS Fantomescrew sloopSheerness DYd19021925Cadmus class
HMS Merlinscrew sloopSheerness DYd19021923Cadmus class
HMS Odinscrew sloopSheerness DYd19021920Cadmus class
HMS Shannonarmoured cruiserPembroke DYd18771899Shannon class
HMS Nelsonarmoured cruiserElder18811901Nelson class
HMS Northamptonarmoured cruiserNapier18781894Nelson class
HMS Imperieusearmoured cruiserPortsmouth DYd18861905Imperieuse class
HMS Warspitearmoured cruiserChatham DYd18881905Imperieuse class
HMS Orlandoarmoured cruiserPalmer, Jarrow1888(1905)Orlando class
HMS Auroraarmoured cruiserPembroke DYd1899(1907)Orlando class
HMS Galateaarmoured cruiserNapier,Glasgow1889(1905)Orlando class
HMS Immortalitearmoured cruiserChatham DYd1889(1907)Orlando class
HMS Narcissusarmoured cruiserEarle, Hull1889(1906)Orlando class
HMS Undauntedarmoured cruiserPalmer, Jarrow1889(1907)Orlando class
HMS Blakefirst class protected cruiserChatham DYd18921907Blake class
HMS Blenheimfirst class protected cruiserThames IW, BLackwall18941907Blake class
HMS Edgarfirst class protected cruiserDevonport DYd18931921Edgar class
HMS Crescentfirst class protected cruiserPortsmouth DYd18941921Edgar class
HMS Endymionfirst class protected cruiserEarle,Hull18941920Edgar class
HMS Gibraltarfirst class protected cruiserNapier, Glasgow18941923Edgar class
HMS Graftonfirst class protected cruiserThames IW, Blackwall18941920Edgar class
HMS Hawkefirst class protected cruiserChatham DYd18931914Edgar class
HMS Royal Arthur

ex HMS Centaur

first class protected cruiserPortsmouth DYd18931921Edgar class
HMS St Georgefirst class protected cruiserEarle, Hull18941920Edgar class
HMS Theseusfirst class protected cruiserThames IW18961921Edgar class
HMS Powerfulfirst class protected cruiserVickers-Armstrong, Barrow18971915Powerful class
HMS Terriblefirst class protected cruiserThompson, Clydebank18981915Powerful class
HMS Diademfirst class protected cruiserFairfield, Govan18981921Diadem class
HMS Amphitritefirst class protected cruiserVickers, Barrow19011920Diadem class
HMS Andromedafirst class protected cruiserPembroke DYd1899(1956)Diadem class
HMS Ariadnefirst class protected cruiserThompson, Clydebank19021917Diadem class
HMS Europafirst class protected cruiserThompson, Clydebank18991920Diadem class
HMS Niobefirst class protected cruiserVickers, Barrow18981922Diadem class
HMS Spartiatefirst class protected cruiserPembroke DYd1903(1932)Diadem class
HMS Cressyfirst class armoured cruiserFairfield, Govan19011914Cressy class
HMS Aboukirfirst class armoured cruiserFairfield, Govan19021914Cressy class
HMS Bacchantefirst class armoured cruiserBrown, Clydebank19021920Cressy class
HMS Euryalusfirst class armoured cruiserVickers, Barrow19041920Cressy class
HMS Hoguefirst class armoured cruiserVikcers, Barrow19021920Cressy class
HMS Sutlejfirst class armoured cruiserBrown, Clydebank19021921Cressy class
HMS Drakefirst class armoured cruiserPembroke DYd19031917Drake class
HMS Good Hope

ex HMS Africa

first class armoured cruiserFairfield, Govan19021914Drake class
HMS King Alfredfirst class armoured cruiserVickers, Barrow19031920Drake class
HMS Leviathanfirst class armoured cruiserBrown, Clydebank19031920Drake class
HMS Astraeafirst class protected cruiserDevonport DYd18951920Astraea class
HMS Bonaventurefirst class protected cruiserDevonport DYd18941920Astraea class
HMS Cambrianfirst class protected cruiserPembroke DYd18931923Astraea class
HMS Charybdisfirst class protected cruiserSheerness DYd18961922Astraea class
HMS Florafirst class protected cruiserPembroke DYd18931922Astraea class
HMS Fortefirst class protected cruiserChatham DYd18931914Astraea class
HMS Foxfirst class protected cruiserPortsmouth DYd18961920Astraea class
HMS Hermionefirst class protected cruiserDevonport DYd1896(1940)Astraea class
HMS Monmouthclass armoured cruiserLondon & Glasgow,Glasgow19031914Monomouth class
HMS Bedfordfirst class armoured cruiserFairfield, Govan19031910Monmouth class
HMS Berwickfirst class armoured cruiserBeardmore,Dalmuir19031920Monmouth class
HMS Cornwallfirst class armoured cruiserPembroke DYd19041920Monmouth class
HMS Cumberlandfirst class armoured cruiserLondon & Glasgow, Glasgow19041921Monmouth class
HMS Donegalfirst class armoured cruiserFairfield, Govan19031920Monmouth class
HMS Essexfirst class armoured cruiserPembroke DYd19041921Monmouth class
HMS Kentfirst class armoured cruiserPortsmouth DYd19031920Monmouth class
HMS Lancasterfirst class armoured cruiserArmstrong, Elswick19041920Monmouth class
HMS Suffolkfirst class armoured cruiserPortsmouth DYd19041920Monmouth class
HMS Devonshirefirst class armoured cruiserChatham DYd19051921Devonshire class
HMS Antrimfirst class armoured cruiserBrown, Clydebank19051922Devonshire class
HMS Argyllfirst class armoured cruiserScott, Greenock19051915Devonshire class
HMS Carnarvonfirst class armoured cruiserBeardmore, Dalmuir19051921Devonshire class
HMS Hampshirefirst class armoured cruiserArmstrong, Elswick19051916Devonshire class
HMS Roxburghfirst class armoured cruiserLondon & Glasgow, Glasgow19051921Devonshire class
HMS Duke of Edinburghfirst class armoured cruiserPembroke DYd19061920Duke of Edinburgh class
HMS Black Princefirst class armoured cruiserThames IW, Blackwall19061916Duke of Edinburgh class
HMS Warriorfirst class armoured cruiserPembroke DYd19061916Warrior class
HMS Achillesfirst class armoured cruiserArmstrong, Elswick19071921Warrior class
HMS Cochranefirst class armoured cruiserFairfield,Govan19071918Warrior class
HMS Natalfirst class armoured cruiserVickers, Barrow19071915Warrior class
HMS Minotaurfirst class armoured cruiserDevonport DYd19081920Minotaur class
HMS Defencefirst class armoured cruiserPembroke DYd19081916Minotaur class
HMS Shannonfirst class armoured cruiserChatham DYd19081922Minotaur class
HMS Irisdispatch vessel

2nd class cruiser

Pembroke DYd18791905Iris class
HMS Mercurydispatch vessel

2nd class cruiser

Pembroke DYd18791905Iris class
HMS Leander2nd class cruiserNapier, Glasgow1885(1920)Leander class
HMS Amphion2nd class cruiserPembroke DYd18871906Leander class
HMS Arethusa2nd class cruiserNapier, Glasgow18861905Leander class
HMS Phaeton2nd class cruiserNapier, Glasgow1886(1947)Leander class
HMS Mersey2nd class cruiserChatham DYd18871905Mersey class
HMS Severn2nd class cruiserChatham DYd18881905Mersey class
HMS Thames2nd class cruiserPembroke DYd1888(1947)Mersey class
HMS Forth2nd class cruiserPembroke DYd1889(1921)Mersey class
HMS Medea2nd class cruiserChatham DYd18891914Medea class
HMS Marathon2nd class cruiserFairfield, Govan18891905Medea class
HMS Magicienne2nd class cruiserFairfield, Govan18891905Medea class
HMS Medusa2nd class cruiserChatham DYd1889(1920)Medea class
HMS Melpomene2nd class cruiserPortsmouth DYd18901905Medea class
HMS Apollo2nd class cruiserChatham18921920Apollo class
HMS Aeolus2nd class cruiserDevonport DYd18941914Apollo class
HMS Andromache2nd class cruiserChatham DYd18921920Apollo class
HMS Brlliant2nd class cruiserSheerness DYd18931918Apollo class
HMS Indefatigable2nd class cruiserLondon & Glasgow, Glasgow18921913Apollo class
HMS Intrepid2nd class cruiserLondon & Glasgow, Glasgow18941918Apollo class
HMS Iphigenia2nd class cruiserLondon & Glasgow, Glasgow18921918Apollo class
HMS Latona2nd class cruiserNaval Constr & Arm, Barrow18931920Apollo class
HMS Melampus2nd class cruiserNaval Constr & Arm, Barrow18921910Apollo class
HMS Naiad2nd class cruiserNaval Constr & Arm, Barrow18931922Apollo class
HMS Pique2nd class cruiserPalmer, Jarrow18921911Apollo class
HMS Rainbow2nd class cruiserPalmer, Jarrow18921920Apollo class
HMS Retribution2nd class cruiserPalmer, Jarrow18921911Apollo class
HMS Sappho2nd class cruiserSamuda, Poplar18931921Apollo class
HMS Scylla2nd class cruiserSamuda, Poplar18921914Apollo class
HMS Spartan2nd class cruiserArmstrong, Elswick1892(1931)Apollo class
HMS Sybille2nd class cruiserStephenson, Newcastle18921901Apollo class
HMS Terpsichore2nd class cruiserThompson, Glasgow18921914Apollo class
HMS Thetis2nd class cruiserThompson, Glasgow18921918Apollo class
HMS Tribune2nd class cruiserThompson, Glasgow18921911Apollo class
HMS Astraea2nd class cruiserDevonport DYd18951920Astraea class
HMS Bonaventure2nd class cruiserDevonport DYd18941920Astraea class
HMS Cambrian2nd class cruiserPembroke DYd18941923Astraea class
HMS Charybdis2nd class cruiserSheerness DYd18961922Astraea class
HMS Flora2nd class cruiserPembroke DYd18941922Astraea class
HMS Forte2nd class cruiserChatham DYd18941914Astraea class
HMS Hermione2nd class cruiserDevonport DYd1896(1940)Astraea class
HMS Eclipse2nd class cruiserPortsmouth DYd18971921Eclipse class
HMS Diana2nd class cruiserFairfield, Govan18971919Eclipse class
HMS Dido2nd class cruiserLondon & Glasgow, Govan18981919Eclipse class
HMS Doris2nd class cruiserNaval Constr & Arm, Barrow18971919Eclipse class
HMS Isis2nd class cruiserLondon & Glasgow, Govan18981920Eclipse class
HMS Juno2nd class cruiserNaval Constr & Arm, Barrow18971920Eclipse class
HMS Minerva2nd class cruiserChatham DYd18971920Eclipse class
HMS Talbot2nd class cruiserDevonport DYd18961921Eclipse class
HMS Venus2nd class cruiserFairfield, Govan18971921Eclipse class
HMS Arrogant2nd class cruiserDevonport DYd18981919Arrogant class
HMS Furious2nd class cruiserDevonport DYd18981915Arrogant class
HMS Gladiator2nd class cruiserPortsmouth DYd18991908Arrogant class
HMS Vindictive2nd class cruiserChatham DYd19001918Arrogant class
HMS Highflyer2nd class cruiserFairfield, Govan18991921Highflyer class
HMS Hermes2nd class cruiserFairfield, Govan18991914Highflyer class
HMS Hyacinth2nd class cruiserLondon & Glasgow, Govan19001923Highflyer class
HMS Challenger2nd class cruiserChatham DYd19041920Challenger class
HMS Encounter2nd class cruiserDevonport DYd19051912Challenger class
HMS Surprise

1913:HMS Alacrity

dispatch vessel

3rd class cruiser

Palmer, Jarrow18861919Surprise class
HMS Alacritydispatch vessel

3rd class cruiser

Palmer, Jarrow18861913Surprise class
HMS Scouttorpedo cruiser

3rd class cruiser

Thompson, Glasgow18851904Scout class
HMS Fearlesstorpedo cruiser

3rd class cruiser

Naval Constr & Arm, Barrow18871905Scout class
HMS Archertorpedo cruiser

3rd class cruiser

Thompson, Glasgow18881905Archer class
HMS Brisktorpedo cruiser

3rd class cruiser

Thompson, Glasgow18881906Archer class
HMS Cossacktorpedo cruiser

3rd class cruiser

Thompson, Glasgow18891905Archer class
HMS Mohawktorpedo cruiser

3rd class cruiser

Thompson, Glassgow18901905Archer class
HMS Porpoisetorpedo cruiser

3rd class cruiser

Thompson, Glasgow18881905Archer class
HMS Racoontorpedo cruiser

3rd class cruiser

Devonport DYd18881905Archer class
HMS Serpenttorpedo cruiser

3rd class cruiser

Devonport DYd18881890Archer class
HMS Tartartorpedo cruiser

3rd class cruiser

Thompson, Glasgow18911906Archer class
HMS Barracouta3rd class cruiserSheerness DYd18901905Barracouta class
HMS Barrosa3rd class cruiserPortsmouth DYd18901905Barracouta class
HMS Blanche3rd class cruiserPembroke DYd18901905Barracouta class
HMS Blonde3rd class cruiserPembroke DYd18901905Barracouta class
HMS Barham3rd class cruiserPortsmouth DYd18901914Barham class
HMS Bellona3rd class cruiserHawthorn, Hebburn18911906Barham class
HMS Pearl3rd class cruiserPembroke DYd18921906Pearl class
HMS Katoomba

ex HMS Pandora

3rd class cruiserArmstrong, Elswick18911906Pearl class
HMS Mildura

ex HMS Pelorus

3rd class cruiserArmstrong, Elswick18911906Pearl class
HMS Pallas3rd class cruiserPortsmouth DYd18911906Pearl class
HMS Phoebe3rd class cruiserDevonport DYd18921906Pearl class
HMS Philomel3rd class cruiserDevonport DYd18911914Pearl class
HMS Ringarooma

ex HMS Psyche

3rd class cruiserThompson, Glasgow18911906Pearl class
HMS Tauranga

ex HMS Phoenix

3rd class cruiserThompson, Glasgow18911906Pearl class
HMS Wallaroo

ex HMS Persian

3rd class cruiserArmstrong, Elswick18911906Pearl class
HMS Pelorus3rd class cruiserSheerness DYd18971920Pelorus class
HMS Pandora3rd class cruiserPortsmouth DYd19011913Pelorus class
HMS Pegasus3rd class cruiserPalmer, Jarrow18991914Pelorus class
HMS Perseus3rd class cruiserEarle, Hull19011914Pelorus class
HMS Pactolus3rd class cruiserArmstrong, Elswick18981921Pelorus class
HMS Pioneer3rd class cruiserChatham DYd19001912Pelorus class
HMS Pomone3rd class cruiserSheerness DYd18991922Pelorus class
HMS Prometheus3rd class cruiserEarle, Hull18991914Pelorus class
HMS Proserpine3rd class cruiserSheerness DYd18991919Pelorus class
HMS Psyche3rd class cruiserDevonport DYd19001915Pelorus class
HMS Pyramus3rd class cruiserPalmer, Jarrow19001920Pelorus class
HMS Amethyst3rd class cruiserArmstrong, Elswick19051920Gem class
HMS Diamond3rd class cruiserLaird, Birkenhead19051921Gem class
HMS Sapphire3rd class cruiserPalmer, Jarrow19051921Gem class
HMS Topaze3rd class cruiserLaird, Birkenhead19041921Gem class

HMS Adventure

ex HMS Eddystonescout cruiserArmstrong, Elswick19051920Adventure class\

HMS Attentivescout cruiserArmstrong, Elswick19051920Adventure class
HMS Forwardscout cruiserFairfield19051921Forward class
HMS Foresightscout cruiserFairfield19051920Forward class
HMS Pathfinder

ex HMS Fastnet

scout cruiserArmstrong, Elswick19051914Pathfinder class
HMS Patrolscout cruiserArmstrong, Elswick19051920Pathfinder class
HMS Sentinel

ex HMS Inchkeith

scout cruiserVickers, Barrow19051923Sentinel class
HMS Skirmisherscout cruiserVickers, Barrow19051920Sentinel class

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