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British Officials

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British officials



Commanders-in-Chief Pacific Station


Rear-AdmiralRichard Thomas05.05.1841HMS Dublin,50
Rear-AdmiralDaid Price17.08.1853HMS President,50
Rear-AdmiralSir Thomas Maitland05.05.1860HMS Bacchante,51
Rear-AdmiralHon Joseph Denman10.05.1864HMS Sutlej,35

from 29.05.1873


Charles Farrel Hillyar09.07.1872HMS Repulse
Rear-AdmiralHon Arthur A L P Cochrane06.06.1873HMS Repulse
Rear-AdmiralGeorge Hancock15.04.1876HMS Repulse
Rear-AdmiralJohn K E Baird13.09.1884HMS Swiftsure

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