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British Torpedo Gunboats

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pbwikioceaniaBritish Torpedo Gunboats (editing)

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HMFMS CoraƧao de Jesus

HMFMS Nossa Senhora do Monte do Carmo (4)



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HMS Vesuviustorpedo vesselPembroke DYd1874(1924)Vesuvius class
HMS Polyphemustorpedo ramChatham DYd18821903Polyphemus class
HMS Rattlesnaketorpedo gunboatLaird18871910Rattlesnake class
HMS Grasshoppertorpedo gunboatSheerness DYd18881905Grasshopper class
HMS Sandflytorpedo gunboatDevonport DYd18881905Grasshopper class
HMS Spidertorpedo gunboatDevonport DYd18881903Grasshopper class
HMS Sharpshootertorpedo gunboatDevonport DYd18891904Sharpshooter class
HMS Gleanertorpedo gunboatSheerness DYd18911905Sharpshooter class
HMS Gossamertorpedo gunboatSheerness DYd18911920Sharpshooter class
HMS Salamandertorpedo gunboatChatham DYd18911906Sharpshooter class
HMS Sheldraketorpedo gunboatChatham DYd18901907Sharpshooter class
HMS Skipjacktorpedo gunboatChatham DYd18911920Sharpshooter class
HMS Spankertorpedo gunboatDevonport DYd18901920Sharpshooter class
HMS Speedwelltorpedo gunboatDevonport DYd18901920Sharpshooter class
HMS Alarmtorpedo gunboatSheerness DYd18941907Alarm class
HMS Antelopetorpedo gunboatDevonoprt DYd18941914Alarm class
HMS Circetorpedo gunboatSheerness DYd18931920Alarm class
HMS Hebetorpedo gunboatSheerness DYd18941910Alarm class
HMS Jaseurtorpedo gunboatNaval Constr & Arm, Glasgow18931905Alarm class
HMS Jasontorpedo gunboatNaval Constr & Arm, Glasgow18931917Alarm class
HMS Ledatorpedo gunboatSheerness DYd18931922Alarm class
HMS Nigertorpedo gunboatNaval Constr & Arm, Glasgow18931914Alarm class
HMS Onyxtorpedo gunboatLaird18941907Alarm class
HMS Renardtorpedo gunboatLaird18941905Alarm class
HMS Speedytorpedo gunboatThornycroft18941914Alarm class
HMS Dryadtorpedo gunboatChatham DYd18941920Dryad class
HMS Halcyontorpedo gunboatDevonport DYd18951915Dryad class
HMS Harriertorpedo gunboatDevonport DYd18951920Dryad class
HMS Hazardtorpedo gunboatPembroke DYd18941915Dryad class
HMS Hussartorpedo gunboatDevonport DYd18951921Dryad class

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