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Large ships and galleons

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 2 months ago

Large Ships and Galleons from James I till Cromwell


Ship list


Ships with 50 guns and more


HMS Prince Royal5516101641
HMS Sovereign of the Seas/() Sovereign 10016371660
HMS Royal Prince (1650) Resolution

(1660) Royal Prince

HMS Swiftsure60-6416531666
HMS Naseby (1660) Royal Charles 80-8616551667
HMS London64-7616561665
HMS Dunbar (1660) Henry64-8216561682
HMS Richard (1660) Royal James70-8216581667
HMS Lion6016581698
HMS Sovereign10016601685


Ships with 30-60 guns


HMS Nonsuch3816031645
HMS Assurance3416031645
HMS Speedwell?16071624
HMS Anne Royal4416081636
HMS Lion/Red Lion3816091640
HMS Repulse/ Due Repulse4016101645
HMS Dreadnought3016131648
HMS Merhonour4016151650
HMS Defiance3816151650
HMS Vanguard4016151631
HMS Convertine34-4616161650
HMS Rainbow40-6416171680
HMS Antelope3416181649
HMS Happy Entrance30-4016191658
HMS Constant Reformation40-6016191651
HMS Victory40-5616201666
HMS Garland/ Guardland34-4016201652
HMS Swiftsure44-4616211653
HMS Bonaventure32-4016211653
HMS St Andrew42-6616221666
HMS St George42-7016221687
HMS Triumph44-7016231688
HMS St Denis3816251642
HMS Vanguard40-6016311667
HMS Charles (1650) Liberty 4416331650
HMS Henrietta Maria(1650) Paragon 42-5216331655
HMS James (1660) Old James48-7016341682
HMS Unicorn46-6416341688
HMS Swallow34-4016341653
HMS Leopard34-4816351653
HMS Providence30-3416361668
HMS Expedition30-4016361667
HMS Lion40-5016401658
HMS Nonsuch34-4016461664
HMS Adventure32-4416461688
HMS Assurance32-4216461698
HMS Tiger32-4416471681
HMS Elizabeth32-4016471667
HMS Phoenix32-4016471664
HMS Dragon32-4616471690
HMS Charles(1649) Guinea 30-3816481667
HMS Mary Prize3716491655
HMS Speaker(1660) Mary50-6216501703
HMS Fairfax50-6216501653
HMS Convertine40-5416501666
HMS Assistance40-5016501699
HMS Advice40-5016501698
HMS President(1660 Bonaventure38-4816501683
HMS Centurion34-5016501689
HMS Foresight34-4816501698
HMS Reserve34-4816501701
HMS Pelican34-4216501656
HMS Success34-3816501662
HMS Amity30-3816501667
HMS Antelope5016511652
HMS Worcester(1660) Dunkirk 48-6016511692
HMS Diamond40-5016511693
HMS Ruby40-4816511707
HMS Laurel40-5016511657
HMS Sapphire36-3816511670
HMS Gillyflower3216511657
HMS Kent / Kentish 46-5216521672
HMS Sussex4616521653
HMS Violet38-4416521654
HMS Raven / White Raven 38-4016521654
HMS Princess Maria3816521658
HMS Heartsease36-4016521656
HMS Welcome36-401652




HMS Marmaduke32-4216511667
HMS Stork3616521653
HMS Hound3616521656
HMS Crow3616521656
HMS Cardiff34-3616521656
HMS Fortune32-3616521654
HMS Arms of Holland30-3416521656
HMS Peter3216521653
HMS Middleburgh3216521656
HMS Waterhound3216521656
HMS Tulip3216521657
HMS Dolphin3016521654
HMS Plymouth54-6016531705
HMS Fairfax52-6016531682
HMS Essex48-6016531666
HMS Newcastle40-5616531692
HMS Yarmouth44-5416531680
HMS Portland40-5016531692
HMS Mathias38-5216531667
HMS Bristol44-5016531693
HMS Gainsborough(1660) Swallow 40-4616531692
HMS Preston (1660) Antelope 40-5016531693
HMS Hampshire38-4816531697
HMS Great Charity(1656) Charity36-4616531665
HMS Bear36-4416531665
HMS Black Raven3816531654
HMS Katherine3616531654
HMS Golden Cock / Cock3616531656
HMS Elias3616531664
HMS Little Charity32-3816531656
HMS Pelican prize34-3616531655
HMS Half Moon30-3616531660
HMS Tredagh (1660) Resolution 50-6616541666
HMS Langport (1660) Henrietta 50-6216541689
HMS Newbury (1660) Revenge 52-6216541678
HMS Lyme (1660) Montagu 52-6216541698
HMS Gloucester50-6216541682
HMS Bridgewater (1660) Anne 52-5816541673
HMS Torrington (1660) Dreadnought 52-6216541690
HMS Marston Moor (1660) York 52-6016541703
HMS Indian50-6016541660
HMS Winsby (1660) Happy Return44-5416541691
HMS Jersey40-5016541691
HMS Maidstone (1660) Mary Rose 40-4816541691
HMS Dover40-5016541695
HMS Taunton (1660) Crown 40-4816541689
HMS Nantwich (1660) Breda 40-4816541666
HMS Monk52-6016591702
HMS Leopard54-5816591686

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