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List of ships by reigning

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Ships of Kings from Henry VII till Elizabeth I


Ship list


Ships remaining on the death of Henry VII (1509)


HMS Regent14891512
HMS Sovereign/ Trinity14881521
HMS Mary and John/Carvel of Ewe14871528
HMS Sweepstake14971511
HMS Mary Fortune14971511


Ships added under Henry VIII (1509-1547)


HMS Mary Rose15101536
HMS Peter Pomegranate15101536
HMS Lion15111513
HMS Jennet Pyrwin15111514
HMS Sweepstake/Katherine Pomegranate15121526
HMS Swallow/Rose Henry15121526
HMS Gabriel Royal15121526
HMS Katherine Fortileza15121521
HMS Maria de Loreto15121514
HMS John Baptist/Great John Bapist/

"John Kopton's Ship"

HMS Great Nicholas/Nicholas Reede15121521
HMS Christ15121515
HMS Great Bark15121531
HMS Mary James15121529
HMS Mary George15121526
HMS Less Bark15121536
HMS Anne Gallant/Anne of Greenwich15121518
HMS Barbara/Barbara of Greenwich

/ Less Barbara

/ Little Barbara

HMS Lizard15121522
HMS Dragon15121514
HMS Henry Galley15121513
HMS Katherine Galley15121527
HMS Rose Galley15121521
HMS Great Barbaraex Mawdelyn15131524
HMS Henry of Hampton15131521
HMS Mary Imperial15131525
HMS Black Bark/Christopher15131514
HMS Henry Grace a Dieu15141539
HMS Great Elizabeth15141514
HMS Great Galley15151538
HMS Mary Gloria15171522
HMS Katherine Plesaunce /Katherine Bark15181525
HMS Trinity Henry15191525
HMS Spaniard15221523
HMS Mawdelyn of Deptford15221525
HMS Great Zabra /Great Pinnance15221525
HMS Less Zabra / Less Pinnance15221525
HMS Mary Grace15221525
HMS Bark of Bullen15221555
HMS Bark of Murlesse15221530
HMS Minion15231536
HMS Primrose15231538
HMS John of Greenwich15231530
HMS Mary Guildford15241539
HMS Trinity Henry15301557
HMS Sweepstake15351557
HMS Mary Willoughby1535




HMS Lion15361557
HMS Minion15361549
HMS Mary Rose15361545
HMS Peter / Peter Pomegranate15361552
HMS Less Bark15361552
HMS Great Galley/Great Galeass

/Great Galeon /Great Bark

HMS Primrose15381545
HMS Jennet15381558
HMS Henry Grace a Dieu(1547) Edward15391553
HMS Dragon15421552
HMS Pauncey15431557
HMS Galley Subtylle15431552
HMS New Bark15431558
HMS Artigo15431547
HMS Jesus of Lubeck15441568
HMS Struse of Dawske15441551
HMS Mary Hamboro15441555
HMS Salamander15441557
HMS Unicorn15441552
HMS Swallow15441558
HMS Great Pinnance15441545
HMS Less Pinnance15441549
HMS Christopher15451555
HMS Grand Mistress15451552
HMS Anne Gallant15451557
HMS Morian15451551
HMS Greyhound15451558
HMS Mary James15451546
HMS Mary Thomas15451546
HMS Falcon15541578
HMS Saker15451558
HMS Hind15451555
HMS Roo15451547
HMS Trinity15451545
HMS Mary Odierne15451545
HMS Marlion15451549
HMS Brigandine15451562
HMS Hare15451549
HMS Galley Blancherd/Mermaid15451562
HMS Antelope15461558
HMS Hart15461558
HMS Tiger15461570
HMS Bull15461570
HMS George15461557
HMS Phoenix15461558
HMS Trego Ronneger15461549
HMS Double Rose15461562
HMS Flower de Luce15461557
HMS Portcullis15461552
HMS Harp15461548
HMS Cloud in the Sun15461548
HMS Rose in the Sun15461552
HMS Hawthorn15461548
HMS Three Ostrich Feathers15461548
HMS Falcon in the Fetterlock15461548
HMS Maidenhead15461552
HMS Rose Slip15461552
HMS Gillyflower15461552
HMS Sun15461562


Ships added under Edward VI (1547-1553)


HMS Great Bark Aiger15491549
HMS Black Galley15491549
HMS Katherine15491549
HMS Mary Norwell15491549
HMS Margaret15491549
HMS Nicholas15491549
HMS John15491549
HMS Swift15491554
HMS Moon15491552
HMS Seven Stars15491554
HMS Small Swallow15491549
HMS Jerfalcon15501557
HMS Bark of Bullen15501553
HMS Primrose15511555
HMS Mary Willoughby15511565


Ships added under Mary I(1553-1558)


HMS Mary Rose15551589
HMS Philip and Mary15561584
HMS Lion/ Golden Lion15571582
HMS Sacrett15571557
HMS Antelope15581581
HMS Hart15581562
HMS Swallow15581580
HMS Jennet15581578
HMS New Bark15581565
HMS Greyhound15581562
HMS Phoenix15581565
HMS Saker15581565


Ships added under Elizabeth I (1558-1603)


HMS Elizabeth Jonas6415591597
HMS Hope3315591603
HMS Bark of Bullen15591578
HMS Primrose15601578
HMS Victory5215601606
HMS Minion15601570
HMS Galley Speedwell15601579
HMS Galley Tryright15601579
HMS Triumph5815611595
HMS Aid3015621599
HMS Galley Ellynor15631584
HMS Post15631565
HMS Guide15631563
HMS Makeshift15631563
HMS Search15631563
HMS Bear/White Bear6015641589
HMS George15641585
HMS Bonaventure / Elizabeth Bonvanenture 15671581
HMS Foresight2815701604
HMS Bull2115701594
HMS Tiger2415701600
HMS Dreadnought3415731592
HMS Swiftsure3415731592
HMS Achates2815731600
HMS Handmaid15731600
HMS Revenge4015771591
HMS Scout2015771600
HMS Merlin1015791599
HMS Swallow3015801603
HMS Bonvanture/ Elizabeth Bonvanture28-3815811618
HMS Antelope28-3815811618
HMS Lion /Golden Lion40-6015821609
HMS Brigantine15831588
HMS Nonpareil40-5615841603
HMS Galley Bonavolia15841599
HMS Greyhound15851585
HMS Talbot15851585
HMS Cygnet315851599
HMS Vanguard3615861615
HMS Rainbow3615861617
HMS Tremontana2115861618
HMS Charles1615861616
HMS Moon915861602
HMS Advice915861607
HMS Makeshift15861591
HMS Spy915861613
HMS Sun515861599
HMS Trust15861586
HMS Seven Stars15861586
HMS Ark Royal5515871603
HMS Popinjay15871589
HMS NS del Rosario46(1588)-
HMS George Hoy15881588
HMS Mary Rose3915891618
HMS Merhonour4115901615
HMS Garland4515901618
HMS Defiance4615901615
HMS Answer2115901603
HMS Quittance2515901618
HMS Crane2415901624
HMS Advantage1815901614
HMS Lion's Whelp15901591
HMS Primrose hoy15901618
HMS Black Dog15901590
HMS French Frigate15911603
HMS Flight15921592
HMS Mercury615921611
HMS Eagle15921683
HMS Dreadnought4115921612
HMS Swiftsure4115921607
HMS Adventure2615941645
HMS Mynikin15951595
HMS St Andrew15961604
HMS St MAthew15961604
HMS Triumph6815961618
HMS Repulse/ Due Repulse 5015961610
HMS Warspite2915961635
HMS Elizabeth / Elizabeth Jonas5615981618
HMS Bear / White Bear 4015991629
HMS Vanguard3115991615
HMS Daisy415991599
HMS Bear215991599
HMS George hoy16011603
HMS Lion's Whelp16011608
HMS Advantagia galley16011629
HMS Superlativa galley16011629
HMS Gallarita galley16021629
HMS Volatillia galley16021629
HMS Moon16021626

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