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Smaller ships

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Smaller Ships from James I till Cromwell


Ship list


HMS Answer16041629
HMS Lion's Whelp16081625
HMS Phoenix2016131624
HMS Seven Stars1416151624
HMS Desire616161628
HMS Mary Rose2616231650
HMS Charles1416231627
HMS Mary Rose2616231650
HMS Henrietta616261661
HMS Maria616261644
HMS 1st Whelp1416281642
HMS 2nd Whelp1416281642
HMS 3rd Whelp1416281642
HMS 4th Whelp1416281636
HMS 5th Whelp1416281637
HMS 6th Whelp1416281628
HMS 7th Whelp1416281630
HMS 8th Whelp1416281645
HMS 9th Whelp1416281639
HMS 10th Whelp14-2016281655
HMS Greyhound12-2016361656
HMS Nicodemus6-1016361657
HMS Roebuck10-1416361641
HMS Swan12-2016411654
HMS Crescent1216421649
HMS Robert8-1216421649
HMS Lily10-1216421654
HMS Fellowship2816431651
HMS Hector2216431656
HMS Warwick2216431660
HMS Cygnet10-2216431654
HMS Hind10-1816431651
HMS Star12-1716431652
HMS Hart10-1216431652
HMS Sampson2016431646
HMS Fellowship2816431651
HMS Warwick / Old Warwick2216431660
HMS Crescent12-1416431649
HMS Globe2416441647
HMS Duncannon1016441645
HMS Dove6-816441649
HMS Spy616441652
HMS Welcome1416441647
HMS Hector22-3016441656
HMS Weymouth12-1616451662
HMS Increase12-1416451650
HMS Charles616451646
HMS Dainty416451645
HMS John2816451652
HMS Peter1016451647
HMS Swan20-2216451654
HMS Satisfaction2616461662
HMS President20-2616461656
HMS Roebuck1416461651
HMS Priam? Mackerel?16461647
HMS Satisfaction26-3216461662
HMS John2816461652
HMS Recovery2016471655
HMS Pelican1016471648
HMS Truelove12-1416471673
HMS Falcon616471653
HMS Dolphin616471650
HMS Recovery20-2616471655
HMS Hunter?16471649
HMS Constant Warwick26-3216481666
HMS Blackmoor Lady1816481650
HMS Thomas(1649) Leonard's Whelp1016481650
HMS Mary16481649
HMS Elizabeth16481649
HMS Dover16481649
HMS Deal16481648
HMS Eagle616481648
HMS Samual416481648
HMS Scout416481649
HMS Fly216481652
HMS James2916491650
HMS Concord20-2416491655
HMS Mayflower14-2016491658
HMS Tiger's Whelp1416491649
HMS Paradox12-1416491667
HMS Cleer galliot / Galliot hoy1016491652
HMS Elizabeth prize816491653
HMS Minion2-616491669
HMS Mary flyboat2416501657
HMS Marigold22-3016501658
HMS Fox20-2216501656
HMS Mermaid24-3216511689
HMS Nightingale24-3216511672
HMS Primrose24-3216511656
HMS Pearl22-3216511697
HMS Tresco2416511651
HMS Bryer16-2216511667
HMS Discovery2016511655
HMS Sun / Golden Sun 12-1616511654
HMS Lady ketch16511653
HMS Gift(1658) / Gift Major /Great Gift 26-4016521666
HMS Convert26-3416521661
HMS Sophia/ Speaker's Prize26-3416521667
HMS Oak28-3216521653
HMS Falcon flyboat2816521658
HMS Sampson20-3216521653
HMS Advantage2616521655
HMS Plover2616521657
HMS Duchess2416521654
HMS Adam and Eve2016521657
HMS Hopewell pink2016521657
HMS John Baptist10-2216521656
HMS Drake12-1616521690
HMS Merlin12-1416521665
HMS Martin1216521667
HMS Wildman1416521657
HMS Golden Falcon10-1216521658
HMS Hunter1016521653
HMS Renown1016521654
HMS Fortune1016521653
HMS Westergate26-3416531664
HMS Rosebush24-3416531664
HMS Augustine26-3216531665
HMS Church20-2616531659
HMS Lizard16-2016531666
HMS Sparrow pink12-1616531659
HMS Wren pink10-1216531657
HMS Red Hart pink616531654
HMS Horsleydown shallop416531656
HMS Marigold hoy316531712
HMS Sorlings22-3216541667
HMS Selby (1660 Eagle22-3216541694
HMS Colchester24-2816541666
HMS Grantham (1660) Guardland 22-3016541698
HMS Fagons (1660) Milford 22-2816541673
HMS Basing (1660) Guersney 22-3016541693
HMS Islip2216541655
HMS Mary prize/ Little Mary1416541666
HMS Adviser pink816541655
HMS Cat pink816541656
HMS Nonsuch ketch816541658
HMS Pembroke22-3416551667
HMS Norwich24-3016551682
HMS Dartmouth22-3216551690
HMS Fame22-3016551665
HMS Wexford (1660) Dolphin 14-2016551665
HMS Cornelian6-1216551660/4
HMS Red Horse pink1016551658
HMS Hawk ketch816551667
HMS Hind ketch816551667
HMS Eaglet ketch816551674
HMS Roe ketch816551670
HMS Portsmouth shallop416551655
HMS Cheriton (1660) Speedwell 20-2816561678
HMS Wakefield (1660) Richmond 22-2616561698
HMS Oxford22-2616561668
HMS Hound18-2416561666
HMS Wolf6-1616561663
HMS Bramble1416561667
HMS Griffin1216561664
HMS Accadia1016561659
HMS Kinsale8-1016561663
HMS Blackmoor ketch12-1416561667
HMS Vulture6-1016561663
HMS Lark8-1016561663
HMS Chestnut ketch8-1016561665
HMS Harp8-1016561671
HMS Hunter616561661
HMS Raven616561658
HMS Beaver616561658
HMS Dunkirk216561660
HMS Forester22-3016571672
HMS Greyhound20-2416571666
HMS Hector2216571665
HMS Francis (1666) /Old Francis 10-1416571674
HMS Lily616571667
HMS Cignet6-816571667
HMS Swallow ketch616571661
HMS Hart pink6-816571683
HMS Rose pink616571661
HMS Parrot616571657
HMS Bradford (1660) Success 24-3616581680
HMS Lichfield (1660) Happy Entrance 20-2416581666
HMS Fox1416581666
HMS Coventry20-2616581666
HMS Gift / Gift Minor12-1616581667
HMS Cagway816581660
HMS Dolphin416581660
HMS Pearl416581660
HMS Towing galley116601685



Ships of unknown armament could be large or small units


HMS St Claude16251632
HMS St James16251632
HMS St Peter16251628
HMS St Mary16261629
HMS St Anne16261630
HMS Esperance16261631
HMS Spy16261630
HMS Mary of Rouen16261627
HMS Hope16261629
HMS Pelican16261629
HMS Nightingale16261628
HMS Mackerel16261626
HMS Seahorse16261635
HMS St George16261632
HMS Saint Espirit16271628
HMS Fortune16271635
HMS Black George16281637
HMS Swan16361638
HMS Black Spread Eagle16421642
HMS Cock16421642
HMS Trial16451646
HMS Margaret16451646
HMS Kentish16461647
HMS Love16481648
HMS Loyal Susan16481648
HMS William and Margaret16481648
HMS Jermyn-16491649
HMS Peter-16491651
HMS Fortune16521652
HMS Orange Tree hoy16521655
HMS George16521652
HMS Mousenest16521652
HMS Charity16521652
HMS Deptford shallop16521653
HMS Horsleydown shallop16521654
HMS King David16531654
HMS Hope flyboat16531657
HMS Hare pink16531657
HMS Estrich / Ostrich 16531653
HMS Seahorse hoy16541655
HMS Gallion16561657
HMS Elias16561657

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